Peer Mentoring

Connecting the pieces from High School to Uni to ensure a smooth and enjoyable transition. Peer mentor groups run in the first few weeks of uni.

Social Events

Take a break from all the hard work! It’s not just about study. Look out for our annual CAMP, BALL and frequent FREE BBQs.

Career Development

Start your social network now through ASOC events that are sponsored by large firms. Look out for our Careers Workshop!

Peer Support

The enjoyable and friendly atmosphere of the small classes allow students to comfortably ask the tutor questions and raise class discussions.


Meet new people and stay fit! Basketball, soccer, and badminton events run during the semester. Grab your friends and sign up!

Get Involved

Look out for volunteer opportunities! Don’t miss the chance to enhance your teamwork, communication skills, and HAVE FUN!




ASOC is run by dedicated volunteers who are students currently studying Actuarial Studies at UNSW. ASOC is always keen to have enthusiastic and dedicated people on the team. You can get involved with ASOC on three different levels!

Volunteers - ASOC runs numerous social and careers events throughout the year. We often require several volunteers to help out on the day

Event Coordinator/Assistant Coordinators - You can also get involved with organizing ASOC events such as Poker Night, Amazing Race and the Annual Ball.

Executives - Lastly, you can join ASOC as an executive member (ASOC exec). Elections for ASOC execs run at the end of every year and during the year should a position need to be filled.



Sign up for peer mentoring in the first week of uni!

Excellent opportunity for first years familiarise themselves with ASOC and meet new friends. This 1hr session every week will be run by ASOC volunteer students to pass on their survival tips to actuarial students and to allow them to socialise with other students. You will be able to pick which peer mentoring time slot is suitable for you. It’s always a great feeling to see a familiar face in your class!



Don’t miss out on our annual camp!

ASOC’s camp allows actuarial students from different years to bond and have fun. It is a great opportunity for you to have a break from your studies and stress! Camp is held later on in the semester so look out for it!



Did someone say FREE food?!

ASOC holds sponsored BBQs throughout the semester. These BBQs are completely free to students and it even allows you the opportunity to talk to representatives from sponsor companies. Stay alert for FB notifications regarding these BBQs!